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Indulge Your Adventurous Spirit  
"...we just wanted to experience the place of all places.  …Kathleen, who steered the trip, believes that travel only gets profound when you’re immersed in doing something.” 
Bruce Kelley, Editor,
San Francisco Magazine,
Immersion Vacations.
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Discover the wonders that brought adventurers to the African continent a century ago.  Picture yourself standing at the edge of the Rift Valley, overlooking the thousands of wild animals that roam free as far as the eye can see. Herds of elephants still roam the savannah and bathe in the waters of the wild rivers; lions laze beneath the shade of the acacia tree and giraffes run, as if in slow motion, to their own song.  Africa permeates to your very core and when you leave, a piece of Africa will travel with you in your heart.
The Small Group Specialist
Our specialty is custom designed itineraries for families or groups from 2 to 50.  We work personally with you to design your private, exclusive itinerary to East Africa. Click here for more...
Photo credits: Gina Kelley, Lisa Cueman, Kathleen Colson
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